About Jun
Jun Sawa is a Melbourne based photographer who specialises in Food, Automotive, Wedding & Advertising Photography.  
Jun has established himself as one of Melbourne leading photographers.  His background in the food industry allows him to work in great detail with the client which includes cafe's, restaurants & food suppliers to enhance the client's business.

Jun also shoots advertising material along with Corporate work to cater for the ever increasing world of digital advertising. One of his current projects include shooting for a winery to document the end2end process of wine making.  It is truly a fascinating project to photograph this long term process that is wine making.

Aside from his Photography work, Jun is looking to embark on a project in 2018 to travel the Sichuan Province (China) and also Japan.

Contact Jun for all your photography requirements.  Keep upto date on  his instagram @junsawaphotography



Email Address: jun@junsawa.com.au

Phone Number 0411 449557

Instagram: @junsawaphotography

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